Sunnyside Botanicals | CBD Tincture (Pure CBD)

Sunnyside Botanicals | CBD Tincture (Pure CBD)


This rapid-release tincture is an efficient way to integrate CBD into your system. You won’t find a more superior product in today’s market. Sunnyside’s attention to detail starts from the beginning, sourcing all natural ingredients, ensuring accurate formulation, and lab testing every batch produced. Only blending our CBD with organic, 100% natural additives, the MCT oil used is non-gmo, gluten free, and kosher.



100% organic hemp.

All-natural, botanically-derived ingredients.

Locally grown hemp, manufactured in Canada.

Animal and animal byproducts

Cruelty-free, zero animal testing.

Vegan; no animal-derived ingredients including gelatine, fats, oils, and musks.

Health and environmental concerns

 100% organic MCT oil from sustainable coconuts.

 Free of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.

 Low-impact, eco-conscious, fully-recyclable packaging with minimal plastic.

 Independently lab-tested for purity & potency.

 No additives or preservatives.


How to use

Time of day: Recommended twice daily

Best used in: Taken sublingually, dropped under the tongue and held in mouth for 90 seconds

Best used for: Managing pain, anxiety, or depression, insomnia, sleep cycle regulation, energy levels, focus and attention, as a daily health supplement, to manage inflammation, and cognitive performance.

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