ACDC (CBD Dominant)

ACDC (CBD Dominant)


The smell of ACDC is earthy, sweet, and skunky and some may taste a hint of fruit.

Due to the balance in Sativa/Indica, which may edge towards a Sativa, users should feel an uplifting effect including euphoria, peace, and happiness. You may feel more focused and more sociable. Some have described the sensation as completely relaxing without a worry on the horizon.

Parents: A cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic

THC: 1%

CBD: 13%

Popular Effects: Medical marijuana patients choose ACDC to help treat various ailments.

Medical Applications: Pain, anxiety, epilepsy and the negative  effects of chemotherapy.


Grade: AAA


      • MyrceneMyrcene is often found in very fragrant plants such as mangoes, hops, bay leaves, thyme, lemongrass and basil. By using more that 0.5% of this terpene, it can lead to sedative indica-like effects. Some beneficial characteristics of Myrcene is that it is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibiotic, sedative and antimutagenic.


How to use


Time of day: Any time of day

Best used in: A dry herb vaporizer, joint, pipe, or bong.

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